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Traveling with
Infusion Therapy

Coram provides high-quality infusion care to patients where they live, work or travel. So when it's time for you to travel, Coram will help you arrange and coordinate your therapy needs, whether your trip is across the country or across the globe.

Travel preparation guidelines

  • Contact your physician to determine if you are able to travel before you start to plan your trip.
  • Contact your Coram branch as soon as you get the go-ahead to travel. For international or multi-week domestic travel, it is best to contact your branch at least six weeks before you begin your trip. For shorter domestic trips, contact the branch four weeks prior to your trip if possible.
  • Contact your places of lodging well in advance of your trip with any special needs, including refrigeration, power sources or storage. If only small refrigerators will be available at your destination, you may need to request two refrigerators.
  • Carry identification at all times outlining your specific medical concerns.
  • Obtain and carry, for those using a pump, a letter from Coram stating authority to transport your pump, as well as battery requirements for the pump.

Traveling by air

Coram’s patient advocacy team members are experts in helping patients prepare for air travel. We work directly with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on patients’ behalf to ease the process through security screening at U.S. airports.

Your Coram advocate will file a TSA Request for Assistance form for you, walk you through specific steps to take before and during the screening process, and make sure you know what to expect at the airport and on the plane. You can also refer to Coram’s Air Travel Tips.

Packing guidelines

Your Coram branch will provide information and tips on what, and how, you need to pack for your trip. Following are some important items to ask about and include.

  • Correct number of therapy doses
  • Supplies
  • Emergency contact information
  • Gel packs for refrigerated items
  • Rolling travel cooler if required by your medications
  • At least two sets of dressing and flushing supplies, if traveling with a central venous access device

For those traveling with a pump, always plan to use battery power en route. Consider these additional items to pack.

  • Adaptors required for the areas you will visit, if your therapy requires an electrical plug
  • Extra batteries, to pack in carry-on luggage only
  • Pump instruction manual
  • Padded-box packing when transporting a pump by vehicle,
  • Carry ambulatory pumps with you at all times. Ship, or check with luggage, stationary pumps. If shipping, pack the pump in its padded box, and always have a back-up plan in place for any shipping delays.

How to Pack Your TPN Supplies

Packing Your Rolling Travel Cooler

This video shows you how to pack your TPN travel cooler so that your supplies stay cool while you travel.

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Packing Your Small Volume TPN Backpack

Coram's small volume TPN backapck gives our consumers the opportunity to be on the go while infusing their TPN therapy. This video shows you how to pack your TPN backpack so that you can infuse just about anywhere without limiting your mobility.


Traveling with Your Nutrition Therapy

Be sure to listen to our archived Nutrition Consumer Connect Call, Traveling with Your Nutrition Therapy. The call covered informative topics such as:

  • How to get started planning your trip
  • Considerations when traveling by car and plane
  • Considerations for international travel
  • Considerations for extended travel

Learn More

At Coram, we want our patients to live life to its fullest. Coram patients who have plans to travel should contact a member of their local Coram branch team.

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