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We are pleased to present a few of the amazing and inspiring stories of our nutrition patients, including stories of consumers who travel extensively, work and volunteer, all while receiving their nutrition therapy. Their stories are excerpted from our consumer magazine, Celebrate Life. You can find complete, downloadable issues in our online archive. To receive the next complimentary issue, sign up here!

The Punnoose Family Vacation

Tina and Alex Punnoose had always loved to travel. But in 2008, Alex's doctor discovered a large tumor in Alex's abdomen, and his health began to deteriorate. Find out how Alex and Tina overcame the odds and embarked on a major family trip to India, nutrition support and all.

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Melody's Song: Celebrating Life Every Day in Every Way!

When Anna Purkey offered to serve as foster parent to a sick baby girl with severe health challenges, she met the sweet nine-month-old who would become her daughter. Read how Anna and Melody overcame countless challenges and now live life to its fullest, together.

Read Anna and Melody's story

Max, Pediatric Consumer: Growing and Thriving

Six-year-old Max not only copes, but thrives, while on daily TPN (parenteral nutrition) and tube feeding due to an intestinal disease he has had since birth. Parents Randy and Yuko explain how Max's positive attitude and enthusiasm for life allow their family, including Max's younger brother Kai, to play, travel, and enjoy life together.

James Seals: 
A Life With — Not About — TPN

James Seals became dependent on TPN when he was in college, yet he refused to let it dictate his life. Read about how after 21 years on TPN, James is still doing exactly what he wants in life.

Read James' story

Susan Eaton: 
Defining Her Own Life

There is no way to know what kind of woman Susan Eaton would be today had circumstances not forced her onto TPN 33 years ago. Learn about how Susan has made the most of her experiences with TPN to become the strong, successful woman she is today.

Read Susan's story

Kristy & Scott Shutka: 
Working Together to Create 
a New Normal

When Kristy and Scott Shutka found out their newborn son Bradley would be on lifelong TPN, they realized they would have a very different lifestyle from what they had planned. Here's how this brave family faced their greatest challenge and created a "new normal."

Read Shutka's story

Don Young: 
A TPN Veteran

In March of 2012, Don Young celebrated his 37th year of receiving daily total parenteral nutrition (TPN). Learn what life was like on TPN back in the 1960s, as well as Don's secrets for TPN success and longevity.

Read Don's story

Sharon and Ronald Frug: 
Celebrating Milestones

Sharon Frug went on TPN in March 2011 and ended a seven-year battle with food and 14 years of bowel obstructions, kidney stones, and chronic diarrhea. Read the inspiring story of how TPN gave Sharon and Ronald their lives back.

Read Sharon's story

Emily Koprucki: Life Lessons from a Teenager on Nutrition Support

Emily Koprucki is a bright, funny 16-year-old — who happens to be on nutrition support. Read her story and learn how she and her family faced a difficult health situation with strength and optimism.

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Robbyn Kindle: The Beauty of Mules

Stubbornness is usually considered an undesirable personal quality. Read how one long-term TPN consumer turned this quality into a valuable, life-sustaining asset.

Read Robbyn's story

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