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Coram combines a broad range of home care options to help patients move forward with their treatment and live life to its fullest. Below are some inspiring stories from patients who have received service from Coram and don't let anything hold them back.


Brooke Connell & her son, Hemophilia Consumer

The Chance for a Happy Family

Brooke Connell always wanted to have children. And her doctors always assured her that her severe von Willebrand disease would not stand in her way. But another health condition proved to be a challenge in Brooke's quest to have a child. Learn how Brooke worked with fertility and bleeding disorder specialists to make her lifelong dream come true.

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Brooke Connell & her son, Hemophilia Consumer

Team Julian Revisited:
A Family is Changed Forever

In our October 2012 issue of Quest, we met Julian Falleta and his family. Julian was 10 years old with hemophilia A. Since then, Coram Consumer Advocate Frank Garcia has worked to improve Julian's care. Find out how Frank changed the lives of this family with two things — prophylaxis and in-home nursing care.

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Ben Shuldiner, Hemophilia Consumer

Ben Shuldiner: No Excuses

Ben, who has hemophilia, has a basic life philosophy: when people shift their focus from what they can't do to what they can do, they can succeed. Read about how this philosophy has helped him succeed in his own life. Also check out his tips for transitioning to college with hemophilia.

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Melinda Fenton, Alpha-1 Consumer

Melinda Fenton: How Her Life Changed
for the Better

Melinda is doing great now, but adjusting to life with Alpha-1 was definitely a challenge at first.

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