Consumer Connect Call Series

Join other consumers for Coram's free Consumer Connect Call Series. It's a great way to learn about key topics from leading clinical and advocacy experts. The conference calls give you an opportunity to share, listen and learn about topics that are relevant to you.

All Calls Begin at 7PM EST

Date Call Topic Dial-in Number
1/12/17 Journeying with Joy: How to Manage Stress in the New Year Dial-in: 877.602.6726 | Press option 9
2/9/17 Tips to Help Successfully Manage Your Feeding Tube Dial-in: 800.242.8077 Code: 2967188
4/13/17 Ask the MD: Alpha-1 Roundtable Dial-in: 877.602.6726 | Press option 9
6/15/17 Travel and Insurance Dial-in: 877.602.6726 | Press option 9
8/10/17 Tips to Help Successfully Manage Your Central Access Device  Dial-in: 800.242.8077 Code: 2967188
10/12/17 Holiday Planning: How Do I Talk to My Family about Alpha-1? Dial-in: 877.602.6726 | Press option 9
11/9/17 Advocating for Yourself While in the Hospital Dial-in: 877.602.6726 | Press option 9

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