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Issue 35

December 2016, Issue 38 – Knowledge is Power

PDF In this issue:

  • TheRight CVAD for You
  • Keeping Your CVAD Safe
  • Enteral Access Proper Choice and Associated Complications
  • Little Ms. Speedy... One Consumer's Journey with Feeding Tube Placement
  • Advocacy Corner
Issue 35

May 2016, Issue 37 – The Evolution of Nutrition Support

PDF In this issue:

  • An Experimental Lipid Helps an Infant with Short Bowel Syndrome
  • New Lipids on the Horizon
  • The Parenteral Nutrition Lifeline
  • ENFit: The Future ofEnteral Connection
  • A Look Back on the "Old Days" of Parenteral Nutrition
  • Dr. Stanley Dudrick Overcame Hurdles to Develop Parenteral Nutrition

Issue 35

July 2015, Issue 36 – Caregiver Issue

PDF In this issue:

  • The Bertrands: Fighting to Be "Timbo Strong"
  • Tips to Help Children (and Caregivers!) Cope with Nutrition Support
  • A Caregiver's Guide to Caring for a Senior on Home Nutrition Support
  • Caregiver Stress and How to Reduce It
  • Resources for Caregivers
Issue 35

February 2015, Issue 35 – Women and Nutrition Support

PDF In this issue:

  • Davi Cohen: A Woman of Resilience
  • Adrienne Brockman: A Mother, a Grandmother, a Teacher – and a Cancer Survivor
  • Traci Nagy: This "Chief Executive Momma" Helps Other Moms (and Dads) Make Tube Feeding a Positive Experience
  • Victoria Bourland – A Young Woman Who Knows What She Wants and How to Get It
  • A Woman's Experience in Nutrition Support: As a Patient, a Caregiver, and an Advocate

Issue 34

August 2014, Issue 34 – Stories from Our Patients

PDF In this issue:

  • Lee Letbetter: TPN Doesn't Hold Back This Spitfire
  • There's No Place Like Home for Madelyn Morris
  • Dr. Aaron Leppin: Living Life Intentionally
  • Peter Frates: A True Champion
  • Strength, Hope & Love: Rowan's Story

Issue 33

April 2014, Issue 33 – Home Nutrition Support Resources

PDF In this issue:

  • On TPN or Tube Feeding? There's a Resource for You!
  • Connecting with Peers Through Disease-Specific Organizations
  • Eileen Smith: Encouragement Through Support Groups
  • Finding a Support Group
  • The Online World: Bringing People Together
  • Michael Medwar: A Lifelong Advocate Joins Coram


Previous Issues

Archived issues require Adobe Acrobat to view the PDFs.


PDF November 2013, Issue 32

Healthcare Reform

  • Healthcare Reform: What Consumers Need to Know
  • Medicare: Understanding Your Options
  • Competitive Bidding: What a Tube Feeding Consumer Should Know
  • Jim Mszanski: Making Competitive Bidding Work for Him
  • Healthcare Reform Resources

PDF July 2013, Issue 31

Stories from Our Patients

  • Melody's Song: Celebrating Life Every Day in Every Way!
  • The Punnoose Family Vacation
  • Unlimited Potential: Michael's Story
  • Wise Words About a Life on TPN / Inspiring HPEN Consumer Stories
  • Tamra Preston — On Tube Feeding, On the Road, and On with Life!
  • The Long Road Traveled: The Friends I Have Made Along the Way

PDF February 2013, Issue 30

Prevention & Preparedness in Nutrition Support

  • CVAD Infection: Prevention Is In Your Hands
  • Metabolic Bone Disease: Information for TPN Consumers
  • When Disaster Strikes: How You Can Be Prepared
  • Emmett Alsbrooks' Tale of Endurance
  • Foodborne Illness from Tube Feeding: Understanding and Preventing the Risk
  • As the Scouts Say, Be Prepared: Reducing Caregiver Stress

PDF December 2012, Issue 29

What's in TPN and Tube Feeding Formulas?

  • Coram Pharmacy — Keeping Our Patients Safe
  • It's All About Teamwork
  • Home PN: The Way We Were!
  • Meet Cory, Your New Travel Companion!
  • The National Drug Shortage: How Is My Parenteral Nutrition Affected?
  • What Goes Into a Tube Feeding?
  • How our One-to-One Program Can Enrich Your Life

PDF July 2012, Issue 28

Stories from Our Patients

  • Don Young: A 37-year TPN Veteran
  • Bonnie Adams: A Celebration of Life
  • Kristy and Scott Shutka: Working Together to Create a New Normal
  • Michelle Barford: Winner of the Oley Foundation's Celebration of Life Award
  • Susan Eaton: Defining Her Own Life
  • Connor Poole: Loves to Dance, Swim, Play in the Sand
  • James Seals: A Life With — Not About — TPN
  • Coram's Patient Relations Specialist Program: An Interview with Colette Christen

PDF May 2012, Issue 27

Nutrition Support in Gastrointestinal Diseases

  • Pancreatitis and Nutrition Support
  • Short Bowel Syndrome & Bowel Rehabilitation: Reducing Your Need for Total Parenteral Nutrition
  • Fistula Management: A Spectrum of Nutrition Care
  • Avoiding Nutritional Complications Following Bariatric Surgery
  • The Use of Tube Feeding in GI Disease
  • Sharon and Ronald Frug: Celebrating Milestones
  • Medication Management to Treat and Control the Symptoms of GI Diseases
  • Advocacy Corner: Steering Clear of Complications

PDF Jan. 2012, Issue 26

Pediatric Nutritional Support

  • The Role of Nutrition in Optimizing Growth and Development
  • Managing Nutrition Therapy at School
  • The Essential Components of Success in Improving Oral Intake:
  • In Good Hands: Preparing Your Child for a Medical Procedure
  • Emily Koprucki: Life Lessons from a Teenager on Nutrition Support
  • 2012 Small Steps to Big Steps Consumer Teleconference Series
  • Pediatric Intestinal Failure-associated Liver Disease: Causes, Prevention and Treatment
  • Giving Our Children Wings: A Journey of Independence for HPEN Families

PDF Sept. 2011, Issue 25

The Importance of Nutritional Health when Coping with Cancer

  • Quality of Life and Nutrition Support for the Cancer Patient
  • Eating Healthy to Help Prevent Cancer
  • The Effects of Cancer Therapy on Nutritional Well-Being
  • Home Care Therapies for Cancer Patients
  • My Great Adventure: TPN consumer, Michelle Barford's amazing story
  • Tube Feeding: A Smart Weapon Against Cancer-Related Malnutrition
  • In Case of a Drop in Cabin Pressure, Put Your Mask On First — A Survival Guide for the Caregiver of a Cancer Patient

PDFJun. 2011, Issue 24

Kidney Function and the Importance of Fluids and Electrolytes

  • Fluids, Electrolytes, and Kidney Function... Oh, My!
  • Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
  • Fluids and Tube Feeding: Water— the Forgotten Nutrient
  • Understanding and Monitoring Your Fluid and Electrolyte Balances
  • Patients with CKD on Dialysis: The Potential Value of IPN and IDPN
  • Gastrointestinal Disease in the CKD Patient
  • Proactive vs. Reactive Advocacy — Taking Control

PDF Jan. 2011, Issue 23

  • Diet and IBD — the Controversy & the Facts
  • Diet Tips to Manage IBD Symptoms
  • Use of Enteral Nutrition in Reducing IBD Incidence
  • Medications to Control Crohn's Disease & Ulcerative ColitisControlling Ostomy Output
  • Finding a Community Support Group

PDF Nov. 2010, Issue 22

  • Optimizing Oral and Enteral Feedings with Intestinal Failure
  • Just the Facts... Managing Chronic Pain
  • Getting the Most Out of Your New Diet
  • Medication Management of Chronic Intestinal Failure
  • The Beauty of Mules
  • The Importance of Living Wills

PDF April 2010, Issue 21

  • Antiemetic Options
  • Just the Facts... Gastroparesis, What Do We Know?
  • Enteral Feeding with Gastroparesis
  • Managing Medication Shortages
  • Answering the Call
  • How to Manage Healthcare Claims Rejections

PDF Celebrate Life, Fall 2009

  • Tips to Successfully Deliver Medication Through Your Feeding Tube
  • Bacterial Overgrowth — The Silent Infection
  • Dating Issues
  • Industry Insights
  • Inventory Management — The Consumer's Role
  • Webinars and Websites
PDF Celebrate Life, Summer 2009
  • Ways to Keep Your Liver Healthy
  • Strong Bones, Strong Body
  • Clean, Safe Catheters
  • Five Ways to Decrease Home TPN Dependence
  • Anemia Answers
PDF Celebrate Life, Winter/Spring 2009
  • Keeping Yourself Safe in 2009: Infection Avoidance
  • Long-Term Vascular Access
  • Common Feeding Tube Complications
  • New Consumer Focused Website Launched
  • An Interview with Coram's President, Dan Greenleaf
PDF Celebrate Life, Fall 2008
  • Symptom Management: Nausea Control
  • Caution! Looking Good Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
  • Tube Feeding: Alleviating a Common Complaint
  • How Parenteral Nutrition is Made
  • Patient Update: Nutrition Product Changes
PDF Celebrate Life, Summer 2008
  • Symptom Management: Staying in Step with Activities
  • Enteral Feedings for Children with Short Bowel Syndrome
  • Proactive Interventions to Decrease Clogs in the Feeding Tube
PDF Celebrate Life, Spring 2008
  • Back in the Saddle: The Good, the Bad and the Beauty
    of Being a Caregiver
  • A Few Thoughts About Exercise and Fitness
  • Surf the Waves of HPEN
  • Your Venous Access Device
PDF Celebrate Life, Winter 2008
  • Seven Steps to Success as a PN Consumer
  • The Second Opinion: Access Your Options (or Alternatives)
  • Fighting PSN — Parenteral Nutrtion Stress
  • Celebrations and Dining Out
  • The Oley Foundation and Coram
PDF Celebrate Life, Summer 2007
  • What to Eat? What to Drink?
  • Ask The Nutrition Doctor
  • The HPN Connection
  • Working with Your Medical Benefits
  • Summer Time Health Tips
  • Caregiver Corner
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