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Coram Clinical Trials

Mission Statement: Coram Clinical Trials (CCT) offers a patient-centric approach focused on flexibility and convenience of service to patients that ultimately facilitates expedited recruitment, increased subject retention, improved subject compliance, and improved protocol compliance.

Who We Are

We are a clinical trials support service offering in-home clinical research services for all phases of clinical trials; specializing in both pharmacy and nursing services. Our goal is to reduce the burden on patients to ensure long term retention.

What We Do

We provide in home pharmacy and nursing services, as well as coordination of clinical supplies and equipment to ensure a successful clinical trial visit in the home.

How We Do It

We have a nationwide network of branches capable of providing both pharmacy and nursing services, as well as a dedicated central investigational pharmacy for clinical trials. We are able to utilize either our central or local pharmacy options depending on study requirements. In addition, more than 650 Coram employed infusion nurses are able to provide a wide range of skilled clinical trial services across the country. Not only can we provide in-home services, but we also offer the capability to perform services in one of our Coram Ambulatory Infusion Suites, or at an alternate location if more convenient for the patient.

What Are The Benefits?

For Patients

  • Visits that can be scheduled around work or school
  • Flexibility to accommodate travel
  • Convenience of nursing services coming to home and not traveling to site
  • Continuity of care/patient rapport with study nurse

For Sponsor/Site

  • Reduced study costs
      • Improved timelines
      • Homecare is typically less expensive than site services
      • Faster recruitment, allowing investigators to enroll more patients
      • Improved retention
  • Increased overall patient satisfaction
  • Reduce site staff burden
  • Off hours support for patients

Why Consider CCT?

  • Coram Clinical Trials has both pharmacy and nursing services as well as dedicated clinical trial project management staff
  • We can facilitate the transition of patients from trial procedures to post-trial continuing care
  • We provide coverage in almost all primary and secondary geographic markets in US and Canada utilizing our network of branches as well as agency partnerships
  • We can assist with protocol development to ensure a smooth transition to homecare services and no unexpected regulatory hurdles

Learn More

To learn more about Coram Clinical Trials, please call:  877.569.2738.
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